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Greyfriars Charteris Centre, Edinburgh

Location: Edinburgh, UK

Architect: Konishi Gaffney Architects

Role: Structural Engineering Consultants*

Greyfriars Charteris Centre involved the complex refurbishment and extension of an existing church and adjacent administrative building.

The existing building linking the main church and administrative building was demolished and a new, four-storey, link building was erected with bespoke walkways at first and second floor and a new lift descending from second down to lower ground floor. Pre-cast concrete cladding was added to the front elevation with a further timber clad elevation in front of this.

The main church hall was transformed replacing the existing mezzanine with an enclosed sacred space and the alterations overhauled the appearance of the church both inside and out.

Photo credit: Nanne Springer / Instagram: @nannespringer

* completed whilst at a previous company

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