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Cairnmore House, Islay

Location: Islay, Scotland, UK

Architect: Cole & Partners

Role: Structural Engineer, SER Certification & Drainage Design

This project aims to remodel a traditional country house on Islay into a world class family home.  The internal layout has been redesigned to open up the floor space and we have used a combination of steelwork and load bearing partitions to effectively manage the load paths.  There are two large extensions which will be formed in SIPS and steelwork, which we also provided the design for – thus speeding up the procurement and SER certification process.  We have designed three feature stairs in steelwork including a spiral stair and a cantilever stair.


We have also designed the drainage improvements and new retaining wall to the surround landscape.

Photo credit: Cole & Partners, MOR Contracts, Our own engineer!

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